Our family has been making traditional Retsina since 1929; made from the Savatiano grape variety which is cultivated and harvested here in the Mesogaia region of Attica, from our estate in Koropi.

Initially we mainly supplied the many taverns in and around Athens, however now Davaris Estate Wines in its fourth generation, has drawn on all of its experience and expertise to continue their long-standing co-operation and relationships with local clients and to expand and promote their wines not only throughout other regions of Greece but also overseas, especially in areas where Greeks have emigrated, particularly in Germany, where we have established distribution centres in the north and south of the country.


We embrace the philosophy that our trade customers are our partners rather than just our clients and we work together to satisfy the consumers, who are our mutual clients. Thus we work hard to maintain personal contacts, to understand their problems and concerns and to act promptly to satisfy them, even creating custom-made wines and packaging to suit their needs.

Over the years, from one vintage to the next, we have been striving to improve the quality of our wines and promote the potential of the Greek wine industry by creating new wines and to achieve success for both ourselves, and our partners.

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